Get ready to crowdfund the street trampoline!

November 26, 2014 Niraj Dattani

First a waterslide, now a giant street trampoline is to be crowdfunded on Spacehive, as London reaches for novel transport solutions

The Bounceway

A campaign to create a 50m street trampoline in London is set to be launched on, the civic crowdfunding website in early 2015.

The Bounceway has been designed by Architecture for Humanity (AFH), an architecture charity. 

In May, Spacehive helped to crowdfund a 90m waterslide in Bristol town centre. The project was a runaway success with nearly 100,000 people applying to whizz down the slide in a single day. Now the trampoline promises to capture Londoners' immagination by offering a more creative way for people to get around town.

Spacehive allows people to share the cost of community improvement projects online. Pledges are philanthropic and people only get charged if a project hits its funding goal.

Previous projects have included a vibrant urban park on a flyover earmarked for demolition in Liverpool and sculpture walk meandering through East London's industrial wasteland, backed by Danny Boyle and Suggs.

People can follow The Bounceway campaign and watch the promotional video at Spacehive’s project page:

AFH are currently scoping suitable locations for The Bounceway with a location set to be chosen early in the new year, when the crowdfunding campaign will go live. 

Beth Worth, trustee for AFH, said: "The idea was intended as something a bit innovative and fun for London. Transport for London wanted to show that London can have that fun factor, giving people a hop, skip and a jump from A to B."

Chris Gourlay, founder of Spacehive, said: “This is exactly the sort of wonderfully bonkers, unashamedly fun project that makes cities great places to be. It's exciting that this radical idea is actually going ahead and even better that TfL will be helping to crowdfund it.”

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said: “Streets aren't just for getting around - they also shape our city and how people feel about it,” he added. “The bright ideas we've received reflect a shared belief that London's streets can be improved through a bit of creative thinking.”

Andrew Teacher, Policy Director added: “Getting people moving around crowded cities continues to be a challenge. By looking at things in a wholly different fashion we can unlock not just new innovation but a greater level of community cohesion across our cities.” 

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