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  • Shuffle Reinvents The Lodge

    Greater London

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Civic Space, Art & Performance

    The team from Shuffle Festival aims to bring to life the historic lodge in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (THCP) and build an exciting new heart for Mile End.
    • Pledged £28,535
    • Goal £58,921
    • Days left 18
  • Save the Ancoats Dispensary

    Greater Manchester

    Status: Collecting funds
    Category: Something Different, Something Different

    We have 100 days to save the derelict Grade II listed Ancoats Dispensary from demolition to transform it into a fantastic hub for the community and creative industries. We can’t save it without YOU!
    • Pledged £368k
    • Goal £368k
  • A New Creative Hub for Wood Street

    Greater London

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Art & Performance, Infrastructure

    We want to unleash creativity in our streets & spaces. By building an artistic space for our community, we will bring more fun and excitement to Walthamstow for all to enjoy!
    • Pledged £8,165
    • Goal £39,730
    • Days left 28
  • Gallows Gardens

    North Yorkshire

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Green Space, Green Space

    To create a garden that is a social hub for the community. The garden will be a place of creation and positivity to people who all too often experience a dominance of destruction in their lives.
    • Pledged £26,473
    • Goal £82,946
    • Days left 27
  • Greenwich Outdoor Classroom

    Greater London

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Green Space, Something Different

    Greenwich Ecology Park Outdoor Classroom! A fabulous educational space to inspire children and adults about wildlife, conservation, the environment - connecting them with nature & the outdoors!
    • Pledged £13,429
    • Goal £59,505
    • Days left 45
  • Roman Gardens, Castlefield

    Greater Manchester

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Green Space, Civic Space

    Welcome to the future, two thousand years ago. You're standing right in the heart of Roman Manchester, just outside the North Gate. But wait...
    • Pledged £18,050
    • Goal £38,367
    • Days left 81
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