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  • The Renovation of Wanstead Playground

    Greater London

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Sport & Play, Green Space

    Wanstead playground is well used but run down. We want it to become an amazing space that even more parents and children can use for many years to come. Please help us to transform it!
    • Pledged £7,088
    • Goal £13,587
    • Days left 28
  • A New Creative Hub for Wood Street

    Greater London

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Art & Performance, Infrastructure

    We want to unleash creativity in our streets & spaces. By building an artistic space for our community, we will bring more fun and excitement to Walthamstow for all to enjoy!
    • Pledged £8,135
    • Goal £39,731
    • Days left 56
  • Gallows Gardens

    North Yorkshire

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Green Space, Green Space

    To create a garden that is a social hub for the community. The garden will be a place of creation and positivity to people who all too often experience a dominance of destruction in their lives.
    • Pledged £20,393
    • Goal £83,213
    • Days left 55
  • Greenwich Outdoor Classroom

    Greater London

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Green Space, Something Different

    Greenwich Ecology Park Outdoor Classroom! A fabulous educational space to inspire children and adults about wildlife, conservation, the environment - connecting them with nature & the outdoors!
    • Pledged £12,063
    • Goal £59,559
    • Days left 73
  • Save the Ancoats Dispensary

    Greater Manchester

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Something Different, Something Different

    We have 100 days to save the derelict Grade II listed Ancoats Dispensary from demolition to transform it into a fantastic hub for the community and creative industries. We can’t save it without YOU!
    • Pledged £335k
    • Goal £370k
    • Days left 28
  • Shuffle Reinvents The Lodge

    Greater London

    Status: Fundraising
    Category: Civic Space, Art & Performance

    The team from Shuffle Festival aims to bring to life the historic lodge in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (THCP) and build an exciting new heart for Mile End.
    • Pledged £25,635
    • Goal £59,035
    • Days left 26
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