Louisa Addiscott

Hello! My name is Louisa Addiscott, I have been working in Glyncoch for two years as a youth and play development officer and most recently covering maternity leave for the Communities First Co-ordinator. One of my key aims during this time was to take on and drive forward the redevelopment of Glyncoch Community centre.

The redevelopment of the centre has been on the cards for many years. But securing funding for such a large facility has proven difficult. Unfortunately, the long-running search for funding has led to scepticism that plans for the centre will ever come to fruition.

But now we have an exciting opportunity to actually make it happen. We recently worked hard to redesign the centre into a more affordable and achievable building. The project is now within arm's reach. We're on the verge of development that will bring Glyncoch a fantastic, modern and highly energy efficient building in the heart of the community.  We just need help raising the last bit of funding.

Louisa Addiscott, Project Promoter

What's the role of the project promoter?

Project Promoters drive the campaign to make their vision a reality. They are usually different to the Project Delivery Manager, whose role is to receive and spend funds raised and ensure the project is delivered as promised.