Kam-lyn Chak

My name is Kam-Lyn Chak. I’ve been volunteering at the Oasis adventure playground for the past year. I’d really love to see this project come to full fruition as I believe it would have many positive outcomes. The site is already used regularly by lots of local children and by planting a forest garden we would create many more opportunities for different play and educational activities. It would also be great for the local urban wildlife and enhance the bio-diversity of the area as well as providing lots of delicious edibles and a space of natural beauty.

The charity Oasis [http://oasisplay.org.uk/] is based in Stockwell, South London, and has been running for 30 years  They own the site where we’re looking to build the forest garden. They’re incredibly supportive and their previous experience running other spaces for young people will help ensure the project succeeds.

Kam-lyn Chak, Project Promoter

What's the role of the project promoter?

Project Promoters drive the campaign to make their vision a reality. They are usually different to the Project Delivery Manager, whose role is to receive and spend funds raised and ensure the project is delivered as promised.